Best Gadget in 2018  

Choice paralysis, it is something that many individuals are or are not familiar with, but they certainly have experienced or have been affected by. It is the thing which occurs when you are given with lots of choices resulting to not being capable of making choices at all. The world of technology is prevalent with choice paralysis. To every gadget like tablet, home appliance or phone, there are a mind blogging number of choices that could make the entire process of choosing far less pleasurable than it must be.

To assist you overcome choice paralysis, this article collated a review of the best gadgets for 2018. The best and the finest gadgets ever made.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung S8 is considered one of the best smartphones today. It is really a work of art. Weighing only 155g and with a dimension of 148.9 by 68.1 by 8mm, this phone gives you lots of space to see almost everything on the screen. It has a screen size of 5.8 inches which is wider than newly developed smartphones. It has a resolution of 1440 by 2960, 4 GB Ram, and 64GB storage you will surely lots of memories to store. The 12mp rear camera and 8mp front camera give you a clear and precise image and video.

A lot of online reviews show that this phone from Samsung is the most excellent smartphone available on the market  for many good reasons, but above all, due to its amazing and stunning display. Samsung Galaxy 8 makes every other smartphone available looks positively antiquated. What is more, this also smashed all the benchmarking tests. It boasts a superb camera and long battery life. The league on the other hand is in a league of its own.

Samsung Galaxy 8 is a premium smartphone at a price you can afford. The company has managed to discover some amazing innovation at times when there is very little to be discovered in smartphones.

Dell XPS 13

Looking for the best laptop but with limited price? Dell XPS 13 is the best choice. Empowered, refined and enlightened, these are the perfect words to portray the new laptop from Dell. This is a type of laptop you will look forward to appearing subtle and plain. Dell XPS 13 has a quad core processor, 3 USB-C outlets, and a microSD card outlet as well. It is lightweight, only weighs 2.67lbs or 1.21kg only, so not just does it weigh lighter than MacBook Pro, it is also powerful and very reasonable.

Simultaneously, this laptop features a prominently more modern design. You can simply look at all the new flagship mobile phone releases, and you will know that bezel-less display is in trend. Dell understands it as well. It has the next-generation InfinityEdge display that has edges so thin that you will forget they are even there – it is downright innovative. Provided the fact that you can look past the discomfited camera position, it is certainly the best laptop one can buy this 2018, an opinion that is echoed all over the internet.

Moov Now

It can be so hard for one to get to the fitness gym. However, it can be harder if you are a novice and not sure on what exercises to do. There’s the choice of getting the service of an expert personal trainer, but that is an expensive decision and for some, they might not be able to afford it.

Worry no more, because there is a gadget available that serves as a workout tracker and a coach for novices who wish to become active and begin excising but do know where to begin. This gadget is called Moov Now. This small fitness device that is an updated version of the previous year’s Moov tracker, acts as a personal trainer that can be put on the waist. Real time audio coaching and workout plans by means of mobile application for Android and iPhones can assist in making a person a good runner, a more effective swimmer, a faster biker and most significantly, can assist you in attaining a sexy and slim body. You can also wear two Moov Now to train for martial arts or boxing, even if that doubles the expense.

Nikon D850

The D850 is the newest high resolution full frame camera from Nikon. This DSLR boasts a 46MP backside elucidated CMOS sensor. On the other hand, in a relatively radical exit for the series, it’s also one of the Nikon’s fastest shooting cameras. This mixture of properties must considerably broaden the appeal of the camera to high-end fanatics as well as a wide array of expert photographers.

Key specifications of Nikon D850 include 47.7MP BSI CMOS sensor, 7fps constant shooting with AE and AF, 153 point AF technology connected to 180,000 pixel metering scheme, 1080 video at 120p, UHD 4K video that capture at 30p from whole sensor width, long battery life, SnapBridge full-time Bluetooth LE connection scheme with Wi-Fi, state of the art time-lapse choices etc.

Ultra slim Qi-enabled Wireless Charging for All Smartphones

A lot of people are so tired or drained to stand up and look for the nearby switch board to charge their smartphones. Now, this problem can be eliminated with the help of Ultra Slim QI-enabled wireless charger. This helps you experience an easy and stress free lifestyle. This wireless charger helps in charging your mobile devices anywhere you are sitting.

So, you will never run out of battery. This helps you stay connected with your friends, loved ones, clients and partner in life.

Bluetooth Audio Sleep Music & Phone Head Mask

If you love listening to music, then you should definitely consider this gadget. This allows you listen to your preferred music without disturbances from people near you. This gadget is well shielded, it means depending on the level of volume, some of the sound is projected towards your ear, and not to the one you are sleeping with. It has incredible sound quality. The sleep mask is particularly molded to lessen pressure on ears and eyes.


So, the above mentioned are just some of the many best gadgets for 2018. If you want to get to know more about each gadget, you can read reviews online at to know if they are worth investing for or not.



Power of Compound Interest

Always start small, everything starts with a small step!! Start with what you have, and it will be multiple with the power of compound interest.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”~ Albert Einstein

What is compound interest? Compound interest is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on. For example, if you saved $10,000 in fixed deposit with interest rate of 3%. If you don’t take the money out in 10 years, assuming the interest rate remains the same, the money will grow to $13,439. The $3,439 is resulted as compounding interest.

Let take Daryl and Mark as an example. Daryl starts keeping aside $2,000 yearly at the rate of 3% per annum. He starts early at the age of 20. Mark starts a bit later  4 years late. Let see the difference in their saving after 10 years.

Age Darly Mark
20 $2,000 $ –
21 $4,060 $ –
22 $6,182 $ –
23 $8,367 $ –
24 $10,618 $2,000
25 $12,937 $4,060
26 $15,325 $6,182
27 $17,785 $8,367
28 $20,318 $10,618
29 $22,928 $12,937

4 years late in saving caused Mark $10K differences between Mark and Daryl. The cost of waiting 4 years is $10K for Mark. At the age 29, Daryl is $10K richer than Mark. The higher the interest (>3% per annum) and the capital (saved >$2,000 per year), the bigger the gap!

Remember the piggy bank? Remember those times when you saved pennies into the piggy bank? Yes, today, you can start small. The earlier you start saving, the greater the accumulated interest on your investment.

The best way to ensure your future financial success is to start saving today.

Books like The Millionaire Next Door make it clear that earning a high income that guarantees to wealth but the ability to save. Those who become wealthy do so by spending less than they earn.

To make compounding work for you:
1. Start early.
2. Make regular investments.
3. Be patient. Do not touch the money.

Compounding creates a snowball of money. At first your returns may seem small, but if you are patient, they will grow enormous.